Believing and Belonging

Rev. Deanna & others


Description:In this sermon, Pastor D has help from those who share what it means to believe and belong to the Body of Christ. As our church prepares to transit from Kiddie Academy to our new location at Leisure Park, we share our love and stories in order to encourage one another and spur one another on for yet another round of work, worship and wonder.

Aiden & Sister Joan

Aiden & Sister Joan


Description:Sharing their gifts with our body of Christ.

The Sharing Choice

Rev. Deanna Jaworski


Description:In the final sermon of the series, we learn that God never wastes a hurt. We learn that our pain is really a wake up call to a better life if we will give it to God. He will always use it for our benefit, for His purpose and to help another life. We learn to give ourselves away in order to be a part of somebody else's story. Includes a testimony by our sister Keisha Brown.

The Relationship Choicee

Rev. Deanna Jaworski


Description:As we continue in the sermon series of Life's Healing Choices, this week we look at the role of forgiveness and its importance to having and maintaining healthy and encouraging relationships. Being unforgiving, harboring resentments and holding onto bitterness all cause us to create walls that emotionally torture us and keep us isolated from the abundant life that Christ came to give us.

The Transformation Choice

Rev. Suzanne Taczak


Description:In this choice we look at voluntarily submitting to every change that God wants to make in our lives and humbly ask Him to remove our character defects. Our character defects come from our chromosomes, our circumstances and our choices. It's hard to change the defects in our lives because we've had them for so long, we've confused them with our identity, because every defect has a payoff and because Satan discourages our efforts to change. Together we learn how to cooperate with God's change process by focusing on changing one defect at a time, focusing on Victory one day at a time, focusing on God's power not our willpower, focusing on the good things, not the bad things, focusing on doing good, not feeling good, focusing on people who will help you not people who will hinder you and lastly by recognizing it is PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION.

The Housecleaning Choice

Rev. Deanna Jaworski


Description:In this choice we examine the reality that "truth" is the cost of freedom; however, freedom is the reward of truth. We learn that we need to be HONEST with God, ourselves and other people in our lives in order to experience freedom and live the abundant life that Jesus came to give us. Scripture teaches us that sometimes we will NOT be healed (of our hurts, habits, hangups) unless we are willing to confess our sins and faults to one another and pray for one another. Learning this hard truth is easier said than done, but with God all things truly are possible.

The Good Soldier

Rev. Deanna Jaworski


Description:On Memorial Day we remember the "all who gave some and the some who gave all" both in the secular realm for our country and in the spiritual realm for our Christian liberty. Freedom comes at a cost. Today we REMEMBER the Good Soldiers in both realms and the learn the necessary requirements to be one ourselves.

The HOPE Choice

Rev. Deanna Jaworski


Description:It is the choice to earnestly believe that God exists, that I matter to Him and that He has the power to help me change. Amen!

The Reality Choice

Rev. Deanna Jaworski


Description:The first step in making any lasting change is to ADMIT that I NEED to change. The Reality Choice states, " I ADMIT that I am powerless to control my tendency to do the wrong thing and that my life is unmanageable." We learn that if we are merely looking for forgiveness, then we just admit our hurt, habit or hangup to God. But if we are looking for true inward change and healing from life's hurts, habits and hangups, then James teaches us that we need to admit our sins (hurts, habits, hangups) and our need for help to OTHER PEOPLE, not just God. Why? Because -- "Revealing the feeling is the beginning of healing." And God opposes the proud (I don't need anyone else's help) and gives grace to the humble (those who recognize they are spiritually poor and in need of help from God and others.)

Life's Healing Choices The Journey Begins...

Rev. Deanna Jaworski


Description:Hurts, hang-ups, and habits do not develop overnight. They are the result of our own poor choices or the poor choices of others. Some have taken many years to develop into a behavior that is not healthy or beneficial. However, with Jesus Christ, the ultimate bondage breaker, freedom is possible. This series offers help through biblically based teaching to offer real answers, real hope and a real future - one choice at a time.

The Power of Words

Rev. Deanna Jaworski


Description:Today's sermon looks at James teaching about the power of the tongue. We learn it controls our whole body, it can be used to destroy or build up. Jesus said that out of the abundance of our hearts our mouths speak. He also told us we would give an account for every idle word spoken. Proverbs reinforces that the mouth and tongue hold the power of both life and death. May God anoint the listening and may the WORDS of our MOUTHS and the MEDITATIONS of our HEARTS be pleasing to God - our rock, savior and redeemer.

COHSSnj Sign Team

Deacon Mal, Colleen & Emmas


Description:Praising God on Resurrection Sunday. Happy Easter all.

Resurrection Power

Rev. Deanna Jaworski


Description:Experience the freedom that Christ brings on Easter. Live the resurrection power on a daily basis. He is risen - we celebrate these truths.

Getting Ready for Easter

Rev. Deanna Jaworski


Description:In this sermon, Jesus prepares His disciples for His departure back to His Father. He tells them that He is going away and that He is leaving them behind to carry on His work. While He leaves them behind, He does not leave them alone. The promises that Jesus made to the disciples of His day are the same promises that He offers His followers today. Jesus promises a future (He goes to prepare a place for us and will come back for us to be with Him forever) - A Friend (the Holy Spirit who will abide and dwell within us, never to leave us) and a Family - the church, a spiritual relational net to be there for us in both good and bad times.

Stick to the Path

Rev. Deanna Jaworski


Description:All of us think we know best. All of us at times veer from the path that God desires we follow. To truly follow God, we need to have a deep and loving relationship with His Word. Because if we aren't following God's Word, then are we really following God? This message looks at following God's path for us and challenges us to "Stick to the Path."


Rev. Deanna Jaworski


Description:Dead to sin - Alive to Christ. Repentance is changing our mind and our way of thinking. Repentance is recognizing God is right, we are not and we are not God. This Lenten journey takes us down the road of repentance and inner surrender from the works of the flesh to the workings of the Spirit.

Defrosting Your Spiritual Gifts

Elder Jill Andrews


Description:In this sermon we look at the six directives to help us defrost our spiritual gifts. First we are to be informed about what spiritual gifts and the influence of the Holy Spirit in relationship to them. We then are to incorporate diversity into our understanding, identify our spiritual gifts, implement them into active service all while intensifying our love for Christ, the church and the community at large.

Faith & Works

Rev. Deanna Jaworski


Description:James tells us that faith and works go together like a hand in a glove. True faith, life-changing faith - is always evidenced by God-like works that spring from a heart devoted to God and His will for that life. FAITH in Jesus Christ, ad only faith saves us - but a saving faith is always detectable by a show of works. Today's message challenges us individually and as a church to put our faith to work and find God's will for the next step in our Christian-experience journey.

Kingdom Workers

Rev. Leslie Rutland-Tipton


Description:There is always work to be done to further God's Kingdom on earth. In order to see the fulfillment of the vision of our church, it will require God's Kingdom Workers. Jesus said to pray for the workers of the harvest - He said the harvest would be plentiful and the workers few - COHSSnj - this is our time to truly take God at His Word and follow the call that He has upon our church to "Ignite the world for life at a time."

Get Connected - Vision

Rev. Deanna Jaworski


Description:"Because we need each other" - Being connected is a necessary part of belonging to the Body of Christ. Together, we are called to "ignite the world for life at a time" and "worshipping together" and "spurring each other on" is part of what we need to do to strengthen our effectiveness as witnesses for Jesus. This sermon continues to point our church in the direction that God has for us - especially in the wake of finding out that our time at Kiddie Academy comes to and end at the end of April. Where will we go? GOD KNOWS.....and yet, we embark upon ANOTHER lesson of "trust and obey."

Defrosting Your Spiritual Gifts

Elder Jill Andrews


Description:In this sermon we look at the six directives to help us defrost our spiritual gifts. First we are to be informed about what spiritual gifts and the influence of the Holy Spirit in relationship to them. We then are to incorporate diversity into our understanding, identify our spiritual gifts, implement them into active service all while intensifying our love for Christ, the church and the community at large.

IGNITE - Vision COHSSnj Part 2

Rev. Deanna Jaworski


Description:Pastor D concludes the vision for COHSSnj. It begins with prayer and letting our light shine wherever we are, focusing on the tasks that will enable us to move out into the community, and by making a serious commitment to the Great Commandment of Jesus Christ.

Discipleship - Vision for 2014

Rev. Deanna Jaworski


Description:In this sermon Pastor D casts the vision for Church of the Holy SpiritSong NJ for 2014. This is truly ordained of God for such a time as this and we are going to "GO" out into the community and be the light and salt that we are called to be. Will you join us as we move out to "ignite the world for life at a time

A New Year - A New You

Rev. Deanna Jaworski


Description:Most of us want to change something. So we look to the New Year and to its resolutions to spring us into the changes that we know we desperately need to make in our lives. The problem with resolutions is that most begin with the symptom rather than the root. Unless we give Jesus and His Word their rightful priority of first placed in our lives -- unless we take the time and trouble to seriously sit with Him and be empowered and guided by Him - then all true change is basically impossible. Why? Real changes requires Holy Spirit power not our own will power -- Real change is God doing in and through us the things we cannot do for ourselves. Real change is God infused not "me" infused. Real change lasts.

The Love of God

Rev. Deanna Jaworski


Description:The journey into advent continues as we look at the LOVE that God had for us FIRST. Then in response to that LOVE, we, in turn, LOVE Him and others...all for the sake of the call. God's LOVE gave each of us a gift. At Christmas especially, we LOVE God by using the gifts He has given us and by giving of ourselves away to others as a way to show them that He exists and that His LOVE is real.

The Joy of God

Rev. Deanna Jaworski


Description:Jesus came to give us new life - eternal life. That life begins with HOPE. After we find the hope of God we find that we can experience peace with God and the peace of God. After that on the Advent journey comes the JOY of the Lord which then becomes our strength.

The Peace of God

Rev. Deanna Jaworski


Description:Jesus came to give us new life - eternal life. That life begins with HOPE. After we find the hope of God we find that we can experience peace with God and the peace of God.

COHSSnj 5th Anniversary Worship

Rev. Deanna Jaworski


Description:Today's service is full of the people who make up our church's body of Christ. We are just beginning to find our way and God reminded us of just how blessed we really are....Enjoy our first Sign Team ministry, enjoy members of our church sharing what they wrote about what it means to belong. I had the opportunity to sing "For Such a Time as This" (please note we are working on piping the musical sound track thru the video camera, not just the voice, as the current discrepancy often sharps/flats the voice which is not heard live - but you get the drift). It is our prayer that you continue to pray for us as we stay steady and follow the call on our lives to "ignite the world for life at a time."

The Gift of Healing

Rev. Deanna Jaworski


Description:God is the same yesterday, today and forever. God is still in the healing business and He still desires to respond to the voice of faith. Today's sermon helps us learn the power of our spoken words and how to "call those things which be not as though they are." This is not "name it, claim it" - this is faith in God's word to deliver the promises that He makes. If you need a healing touch, may the Holy Spirit use this word to quicken supernatural healing virtue into your body, soul and spirit.

Anthony Singing "I Love the Lord"

Rev. Deanna Jaworski


Description:Our service was dedicated to honoring God by honoring our kids...our son Anthony wanted to join his mommy singing "I Love the Lord." May he not easily depart from worship. Enjoy!

Childlike Faith

Rev. Deanna Jaworski


Description:The kids were part of the sermon and service today. We honored God by honoring our kids. Scott Marcus read beautifully and they shared their faith in hopes of encouraging and increasing ours. PLEASE NOTE - THERE IS A 3 MINUTE MUTE (TECHNICAL DIFFICULTY) JUST BEFORE THE KIDS COME ON. Either practice patience or jump over it to see the kids in action...Our hope is that we will train them in the way that they are to go so that they will not EASILY depart from it. The service was also a reminder to kids of all ages that its never too late to dream and trust God with our mustard-seed faith.

It Takes Courage to Make a Difference - One Life at a Time

Rev. Deanna Jaworski


Description:In order to make a difference, we must be willing to be different. It takes COURAGE - not the absence of fear or anxiety, but the determination to move forward in spite of it - to make a difference. Today's message encourages us to own up, stand up and speak up....all for the sake of the Gospel.

Pastor Appreciation Day

Elder Jill Andrews


Description:In a sermon based on the words of Timothy, Elder Jill shares the role of Under Shepherd - Pastor as she appreciates both her pastor and her spouse, Pastor D. She teaches the congregation to be encouraging and supportive of the one that God has called out as chief elder and overseer of His precious flock here at COHSSnj.

Is Jesus Really King of My Heart?

Rev. Deanna Jaworski


Description:This message causes us to pause and ask the question, "Is Jesus Really King of my Heart?" And a good way to test this is to look at our finances. We learn from God's Word that a "tenth" or the "tithe" is God's and it belongs to Him - He considers it holy and set apart for Him and Him alone. We learn that all that we are and all that we have is because of who He is and what He has done. And in response to that amazing grace we are urged to present our every day ordinary life as an offering to God which should be our reasonable act of worship.

The Bigger Picture

Rev. Deanna Jaworski


Description:Be blessed by the signing of Deacon Malvine and allow the Holy Spirit to minister to you through this sermon. One life at a time...we are called to be a part of somebody else's story of redemption. This was one of those POWERFUL days gathered together as the church. - and God had a clear word for each of us.

Define: CHURCH

Rev. Deanna Jaworski


Description:The church of Jesus Christ is not a building or organization. It is made up of living, breathing human beings who are the very temple of the Holy Spirit - the living "body of Christ." This sermon examines the call to rise up as ambassadors for Christ and not just "go to church" but rather to "be the church" in full swing and action.

Connecting with God in my Crisis

Rev. Deanna Jaworski


Description:NOTE - THERE IS A 20 SECOND STILL SHOT BEFORE SERMON BEGINS - Sometimes life just seems to go from bad to worse. We are hard pressed and overwhelmed and find ourselves in full blown crisis. What are we as children of God supposed to do? This sermon reflects on Job's steadfastness, faith and refusal to "curse God and die" despite his horrific losses and discouraging encouragement he received from both his friends and wife. Job found the answer - when foundations are shaken, the righteous are to worship God in spite of circumstances, feelings and pain. Yes, easier said than done, but as we learn, with God - totally possible.

Let Go & Let God

Rev. Deanna Jaworski


Description:We've heard it said, "Let Go and Let God." Easier said than done for sure. However, in Phil. 3:10-14, Apostle Paul gives us a two-fold strategy on how to do just that. He says that the ONE THING that he does is forget that which is behind while straining toward the future prize in Jesus. This sermon zeros in on what it means for God to take hold of our lives in such a way that our goal progressively becomes conformed to what His goal is for our lives.

Gentle Shepherd - Lead Us On

Rev. Deanna Jaworski


Description:In this sermon we take a look at John 10 in relationship to Jesus, Our Gentle Shepherd. We look at the eternal benefits we reap from a relationship with Jesus and get a clearer understanding of what it means to be a sheep that is called by name. When His voice is clear, then His direction is also clear and will always lead to greener pastures and what is ultimately best for each of us.

Fear of Rejection

Rev. Deanna Jaworski


Description:At some point in time, everyone fears rejection. Today's sermon focuses on how to overcome the fear of rejection by 1) facing the fact that people will let you down 2) by learning to see ourselves the way God sees us, and 3) by truly wrapping our heads around the meaning of God's unconditional love and learning to fall back and relax in that love and His grace.

Fear of Losing Control

Rev. Deanna Jaworski


Description:This sermon drills in the truth that we really are in control of very little of our lives and that only God is really in control. We explore God's sovereignty and providence and how they play into our choices as we follow God along on this earthly journey.

Fear of Being Alone

Rev. Deanna Jaworski


Description:All of us fear being alone sometimes, but God's Word teaches us that there is a difference between being alone and loneliness....and God doesn't want us to be lonely since we are really never alone. This sermon drills in the truth - God is ever present with us and no matter what we are going through, we do not need to face it alone or in fear.

Fear of Commitment

Rev. Deanna Jaworski


Description:This sermon opens with Deacon Malvine signing "Trust His Heart." For in order to make our commitments and keep them, we need to rely on God and trust His ability to keep what we commit to Him. We learn that our commitments reveal our values, shape our character and ultimately determine our destiny. We learn the common barriers to making commitments which include our past hurts, our self doubt, our desire for independence and our tendencies toward perfectionism. We then look to ways to overcome this fear by applying biblical truths.

Fear of Death

Rev. Deanna Jaworski


Description:Deacon Malvine starts off this sermon with signing "Whom Shall I Fear." Many people fear death. In this sermon, we are encouraged to view death thru the eyes of eternity. We look at the facts that: 1) death will come to all of us, some sooner than later 2) that death has a final destination which will either include Jesus or not 3) that death has been defeated by Christ thru His death and resurrection and lastly, that it can be seen as "better than life" to those who have put their faith in Christ Jesus. Encourage one another with this sermon.

Fear of Failure

Rev. Deanna Jaworski


Description:All of us fear something, but many of us fear failure. This message drives home the points that 1) we all have failed and will continue to do so 2) our failings don't make us failures, and most times, are not fatal 3) God has benefits and blessings that come wrapped up in the circumstances that could cause us to view ourselves as failures and 4) if I truly get points 1 through 3, then i can totally relax into God's grace and give up worrying about failing. If all that we do is done in love - then despite what we achieve or fail to achieve - we will not fail...for LOVE NEVER FAILS.

Fear of the Future

Rev. Deanna Jaworski


Description:Everyone is afraid of something. But many people, even Christians, fear the future - for the future is out of our control. God's Word has some very specific promises regarding our future as His children. What we most hold onto is that He will stay with us as we enter into our tomorrows, He has a good plan for our future (if we will but be still, listen and follow HIS lead) and lastly, He will always provide for us as He leads us into the places of our future.

A Father's Heart

Rev. Deanna Jaworski


Description:This Father's Day we honor our heavenly Father and our earthly fathers and parents. We look at the need for patience, godliness and love in context and relationship to parenthood. We also honor our own Frank Coram and his wife Patti shares some words of love. Scott and Anthony both make an appearance during the sermon about 2/3 of the way thru :) Scott reads beautifully and Anthony says a funny to Frank.

Ordination of Paula Cioffi as Deacon of COHSSnj - Empowered to Serve

Rev. Deanna Jaworski


Description:Jesus came not to be served but to serve. Today our sister Paula takes the next step in her spiritual journey with Jesus and commits to follow the call to a deeper expression of service as a Deacon of our church. She has already shown COHSSnj though her faithfulness that she possesses a servant's heart. We affirm the calling of God on her life today and stand with her in support of her decision to surrender her life to this ministerial call.PLEASE NOTE: signing by deacon mal is without sound, we are correcting this, but rest of sermon afterward has sound. Sign is still beautiful and it is how those who cannot hear experience God thru this type of ministry.

"iFast" - Spirit vs Flesh

Rev. Deanna Jaworski


Description:This message focuses on the biblical perspective and motivation of prayer coupled with fasting. It looks at the reason we would embark upon a fast, some spiritual and physical tips for preparing to fast and the biblcal examples of why we would even want to consider embarking on such a journey. All to often we can relate with Paul when he states that the "spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak." How many of us have been robbed of the power and transformation because we simply won't surrender to His Spirit and "take the time and trouble to keep ourselves spiritually fit."

Creating the Future

Sign team of COHSS FL


Description:Be blessed as Anthony, Nancy and Kevin sign "Creating the Future" to the glory of God. It is wonderful to look back and see the fruit of people's lives.