How it all started

Our founding Pastor Rev. Deanna Jaworski received her spiritual calling in 1983 and served for years in the music ministry for the NJ District of the Assemblies of God. One NJ district director pointed out that " she sings with an anointing that is rich with purpose and reflects her commitment to the Lord. In 1987, because of coming our as a God fearing born-again lesbian, she was excommunicated from her denomination for being a reproach to the cross of Jesus Christ." In December of 1998, Rev. Deanna received her Bachelor of Christian Ministry from Christian Bible College and Seminary, Independence, MO and was Ordained as a Rev. in March of 1999. 

She completed her Master's of Divinity Degree in Christian Counseling/Pastoral Ministry. In 1997, Rev Deanna and Jill (her life partner since 1986) founded SpiritSong Ministries- "Igniting the world for life at a time." In August 1999, SpiritSong Ministries gave birth to Church of the Holy SpiritSong (Florida) were she served as the founding, Senior Pastor until June of 2007. In November 2008, she followed the call of God to NJ and a new vision for the Jersey Shore was born. Our message is simple- the life-changing message of God's reconciliation and forgiveness is for all people--regardless of sexual orientation.